Monday, 3 October 2011

its been a long time

So I haven't updated my blog for ages!
has a blip, my other half had a  nightmare having assessments here there and everywhere, for benefits, to prove he has an illness, (he has had 2 transplants) then my oven broke, then we went on holiday, but all is back to normal, element is due for oven to be fixed, I've worked extra hours to make up what they are taking off my other half, and also my brother is getting married in Cyprus next august! So its given me the boost I need,so much so I just refused a bag of French fries for an apple, my mum n dad have treated us to a villa with a private pool and flights, and it will be the other halves first time ever abroad! So its exciting.
Also I bought a tefal actifry,as a treat for my birthday! And its fab

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

i'm back

well after going off the polan for while and not getting weighed for 4 weeks, i finally got back to it, i had put on half a pound, so i was pleased as the damage could have been so much worse, then i went on monday and had lost 3.5lb, so i was over the moon, if i get 1.5lb this week i get my stone award sticker, which has taken forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but at least it is coming off
it could have so easily been even more on, after a tough few weeks, usually i eat and eat when i am stressed, so i tried by eating diff things than i normally would and it worked.
Life for the past few weeks has been so stressful, my ot has had an illness all his life, and has infact had 2 transplants, his consultant stops him from working due to the osteoperosis in his spine causing him pain, and due to his illness causing so many problems.
so he has been able to claim incapacity benefit for the past 3 years, but in July was sent for an assessment at a vile place, done by a company called Atos, where we sat in a room with a Polish doctor for 30 mins who decided to award him "0" yes zero points!!!! and classed him as a normal person, and stopped his benefits, it was bad enough when they made him stop working, so we went from a fulltime wage for him to £100 a week, but we cut back as you do and coped, now they have stopped his benefit it has been a nightmare to have to appeal etc, we asked for a copy of the medical assessment and some of the things we discussed weren't even on the report?
they had not asked his doctor or consultant for any medical information, they have purely gone on the half an hour in that room, to say i was fuming was an understatement, especially when we have since found out that alcoholics and drug users get given the points they need automatically, how is that fair? that to me is self inflicted, no one made them be addicts, however my ot was born with his illness, and has put up with it for life, it makes him depressed, he would love to be normal, and has never ever known what it is like to feel healthy, and never will, it makes my blood boil that we have had to go through this process of appealing for the last few weeks, and the stress it has caused has been awful at times, and when i look at it, and how much it has stressed me, and i am the normal "not ill" one, if there are people out there without support how on earth would they cope?? its a joke, and i feel like this country is becoming a joke, but not alot i can do about it, but when i sat munching on a bag of crisps, i thought to myself, this country has harmed us enough, i need to shift this weight for me, for a better life, and there is only me that can do it,and so i will!!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

sunday, weigh in tomorrow

tomorrow is weigh in, after my hols and a week off it may be a little gain
but i have done a big shop, prepared lots, and am about to go to bed, with my books and watch the apprentice and remember why i am doing this,i got a bit fed up, with my doc telling me it would be slow weight loss, due to meds etc, but i have to get that out of my head, MY weight loss doesn't affect anyone else, it only affects ME so as long as it is coming off then it shouldn't matter
i could have not joined sw at all, i would have just kept on eating myself into an early grave, so when i look at it that way then thats good
Also my friend rang me, she has hit target, took 23 months in total, but she was going to have a gastric by pass, and had started the process to have one, she had seen her mum have one, who was 52, but her mum got complications and sadly passed away, and begged my friend not to have the op, and it scared her, so she tried sw, just short of 2 years later she has done it, after many diets nothing helped, her doc even told her it would be slow (like me) but she stuck with it and it worked.
Her mum had tried so many diets but never slimming world and my friend wishes she had, as things may be so different, but now i need to catch my friend up and get back to basics!!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

eating junk

eating junk on my hols have made me feel sluggish and yak, i cannot wait to have this week as a good week and get feeling better!
i have written this so i can read it back and remember, so next time i will eat more superfree on my hols!!!

Back from my holidays!!! RARING TO GO

Well i am back from my holidays, and thankfully the scales are saying i stayed the same!
so even though i had fish and chips, cream teas,cakes, and pasties i managed to stay the same, so i am made up.

But i am so on the ball now, done my shopping and preparing and in for a good week, ready for my next weigh in on monday! 

my weigh loss was going really really slow before my hols, and i want it to be alot quicker, so i am going to try and eat alot more superfree, and be more active,EVERY single day, i know my doc said i will be lucky at 1/2 to 1 lb a week, however on my last hol i lost 5lb, due to the walking i did every single day, and i know when i am at work i cannot do that kind of walking all day, but i am going to try and do more as and when i can

had a fab day today, had yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, salad and bay roasted pots for lunch

i am due on holiday 9 weeks on saturday, and i want to be at LEAST a stone lighter, which to some people isn't alot in 9 weeks, but when medical issues make it slow then its what i am hoping for

so watch this space!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

oh the challenge, before i forget

oh before i forget, me and a slimming pal on facebook were saying how fab it would be to get slimmer of the month, his group have a shield/trophey that they win if they get slimmer of the month, our consultant gets our slimmer of the month a bouquet of flowers, we were saying how good it must feel to get that, so me and Adam are going for it, and aim to get ourselves a slimmer of the month award, this isn't a competition against eachother, its encouraging eachother to get it, whether its the same month or a diff month, we would both love that achievement, so will be spurring eachother on!

friday, HOLIDAY TIME!!!!

Well today is holiday day, off for 10 days in Cornwall with the doggos to the beach and lots of walks, i LOVE my holidays, and can't wait to go next year and look a lot slimmer!!!!
However i will be enjoying this year loads too, got my shorts packed
On my last holiday i lost 5lb!!! EVEN THOUGH I HAD A TREAT EVERY DAY which you can do on slimming world, its fab!!!!
so i will do the same again, make good choices, take my hi-fi bars and a food diary, thats what helped, every morning i still had my yoghurt and fruit and a hi fi bar, then i would either have a treat for lunch, or a treat for tea, (either fish and chips, cream teas, pasties) the walking helped 100% and i only wish i could walk every day all day when i am home, would make the world of difference.
So i may well not update for the week i am away, as i am not taking my laptop, just my trusty camera for lots of holiday snaps!!!!!
see you all soon, have a good week x x x